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Stainless steel, heat colored stainless stee', aluminum, industrial urethane, LED's
26’ x 12’ x 10’

Stainless steel, aluminum, paint, programmable LEDs, limestone

Main Sculpture: 26’ x 12’ x 10’, Site dimensions: 30’ x 200’; 10 limestone blocks have painted sculptural elements arranged in a way to suggest railroad track emerging from the prairie culminating at the large sculpture. Each of the limestone blocks have sculptural elements that suggest a river or flow.
Concept Statement:
Strata refers to layers of history that serve as the foundation for cultivating our future. Elements of the sculpture reference Urbandale’s architecture as well as mechanical components of train engines such as gears and wheels, which is a nod to Urbandale’s past connections to streetcars. The site is composed in a way to suggest growth, culminating with a forms emphasizing an upward flourish referring to future growth of community. The sculpture “speaks” to the similarities between a machine (such as a locomotive) and a community - each has several moving parts that need to work together to achieve a goal. Strata signifies the growth of Urbandale by honoring the past, energizing the present, while hinting at the future. My hope is that will become a point of pride for Urbandale and engage the community for years to come.