Artist Statement

The imagery in my work is best described as a fusion of cultural imagery and fabricated realities constructed in the guise of toys, props, architecture, and machines. My sculptures are composed in ways to suggest a narrative to which the viewer becomes a witness - part of a scene; a moment suspended in time. I use color to accentuate form and push shifts in scale and perspective to challenge viewers to question their physical relationship to the world around them.

In my recent work, I am exploring the influence architecture has on our cultural and social interactions. I find that seemingly mundane architectural elements serve as historical markers – visual backdrops to our passage through time.

Public Artist Statement

Whether an interior or exterior site my approach to public art always involves examining both the formal and conceptual relationships of the artwork to the site. I strive to create works that speak metaphorically about the site, its function and history. To ensure the success of a project, I work closely with community members, commissioning bodies, engineers, architects, and civic boards throughout the process.

I try to design artworks that respond to the visual elements of a site, such as architecture and surrounding landscape, but also speak metaphorically about the site. I consider the visual elements of the space and its relationship to the scale, materiality, color, and concept of the artwork when planning the site integration. I choose materials and fabrication methods with considerations to ensure durability, minimal maintenance, and public safety.

My goal is to create a dynamic artworks that not only provide a powerful visual element that complements the site, but also serves as a landmark - a point of pride – to engage generations for years to come.