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Dan Perry sculpture
Aluminum, industrial urethane
17’ x 8’ x 4’

Funded by an ArtPlace America Grant as a part of the Marion ImaginArt in the Alleys
My intention is for this artwork to energize the space by complementing the hardedged architecture of the buildings with a colorful, dynamic sculpture at a scale that will serve as a landmark for the site. Elements of the sculpture reference mechanical components of steam engines such as gears and wheels, which is a nod to Marion’s past as a railroad town. The elements are composed in a way to suggest growth, movement, and progress to parallel the community’s mission with the ImaginArt in the Alleys project. The sculpture “speaks” to the similarities between a machine (such as a locomotive) and a community- each has several moving parts that need to work together to achieve a goal. I believe that this sculpture will signify the growth of Marion by honoring the past, energizing the present, while hinting at the future.